Bonegraft continues its R&D studies on synthetic bone tissue and cartilage tissue scaffolds in the biomedical sector as of 2015. In January 2017, the Bonegraft R&D laboratory was established at the Ege University Technology Development Center under ISO-7 (Class 10000) clean room conditions. Bonegraft is a biotechnology-based company focused on the design, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative synthetic bone graft products. In addition to its high-tech production and quality control devices, it continues its R&D investments with its expert employees and strong capital structure.

It provides all national and international quality, management and product documents to its customers in line with the requirements of the industry, which makes the mass production stages in-house and sterilizes the end-user product. They continue to work with sure and determined steps to become a globally respected and sought-after company in the health sector.

All stages of design, production and product are under constant supervision by certification bodies, the Ministry of Health and our customers. Bonegraft has adopted the principle of working with the discipline given by these controls.


We are committed to presenting our products to the service of medicine and humanity, using advanced materials and technologies in every field we are involved in, with interdisciplinary work and innovative approaches. We aimed to develop products and technologies that are indispensable for human health, to produce them with the most appropriate parameters and to verify them in the best clinical conditions.


Our goal is to be a globally competitive, international company that draws attention with its right-oriented and strategic innovations, grows healthily with the importance it attaches to its intellectual capital, is respected, carries the name and power of our country to the top.


Bonegraft Biological Materials San. ve Tic. As A.Ş.;

  • To comply with national and international standards, legal regulations and to ensure continuous improvement by following our system,
  • To comply with the requirements of EN ISO 13485 quality management standards,
  • To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, employees and stakeholders in a way that will improve our mutual commitment,
  • Management, by providing the necessary resources; To increase the performance of the processes at every stage of the existing processes, to ensure the effectiveness of the system with the participation of our employees,
  • To encourage innovative and creative approaches, to carry out trainings that will increase technical and behavioral competencies,
  • To contribute to patient health and surgical success by improving the surgical outputs in the operations where our products are used,
  • To provide our customers with fast, reliable and quality products,
  • Producing products that are sensitive to ethical values, environment and society,
  • To follow the developments in medicine and to handle the products needed as a pioneer in the sector,
  • Developing indispensable products and technologies for human health, producing them with the most appropriate parameters and verifying them under the best clinical conditions,

He has set himself a goal.