Bonegraft Chondro Matrix is a high-tech scaffold with a flexible and hydrophilic structure, treated with Sodium hyaluronate, sterile, absorbable matrix sponge-like nonwoven Polyglycolic acid (PGA).

The cortical plate consists of synthetic composite materials (PLGA + β-TCP).
Cortical Plate is used for bone fixation in trauma and reconstructive surgical operations.

Cortical Plate is bioabsorbable.

Cortical Plate does not contain human and animal origin tissue or blood derivatives.
Cortical Plate graft is safe for patients undergoing MRI or CT scans and is biocompatible with human tissue. The shelf life of Cortical Plate is 3 years with sterilisation by ethylene oxide.

Cortical Plate carries a CE mark and is produced in a a ISO 13485 Quality
Certified facility.-.